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Monday, April 24, 2017


Day X Protest: No Red Carpet for Hassan Rouhani!

The German government plans to invite Hassan Rouhani, president of Iran's Islamist terror-regime, to Berlin. We say no to Rouhani: Under his presidency the number of executions are higher than in the last 20 years, according to the United Nations. The highest representatives of the regime repeatedly deny the Holocaust. Homosexuals are punished by death, women are oppressed, and dissidents are tortured and imprisoned. The threats to destroy Israel do not stop. In spite of all this, German chancellor Angela Merkel wants to receive Rouhani in Berlin. Meanwhile the Iranian regime funds international terrorism and leads an atrocious war in Syria. Hassan Rouhani is no moderate, but the grinning face of terror.






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STOP THE BOMB! Cut off trade with the Iranian regime!

The nuclear program of the Islamic Republic of Iran has to be stopped. Its danger is increasing by the day. Iran's nuclear program is a grave threat to Israel's very existance, in fact to the entire Middle East, to Europe and to the Iranian people who are being brutally oppressed. STOP THE BOMB demands both economic and political sanctions against the Iranian regime which is controlled with iron fists by the islamist-mullahs and the revolutionary guards.  Of equal importance to sanctions is the support of the democratic opposition in Iran and in exile. Please help us by joining our organization. Read more  

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