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Friday, April 16, 2021

Nuclear Deal: The Path to the Iranian Bomb - STOP THE BOMB criticizes agreement with Tehran

Removal of sanctions channels billions to Islamist terror

The European coalition STOP THE BOMB sharply criticizes the announced agreement of the UN Security Council members and Germany with the Iranian regime. Michael Spaney, the spokesperson for STOP THE BOMB in Europe, declares: "With what is known until now, this agreement leaves nearly the whole nuclear infrastructure of the nuclear and missiles programs intact. It does not prevent the Iranian bomb, but rather institutionalizes its necessary components. A nuclear arms race with the Arab states has already started. The aggressive regional expansion of the Iranian regime has been ignored in the talks just as the annihilation threats against Israel which have been repeated several times amid the negotiations."

STOP THE BOMB regards the planned removal of sanctions as especially disturbing. Stephan Grigat, STOP THE BOMB’s Research Director, explains: "Reinstating sanctions in case of Iranian violations of the agreement will prove unworkable. It took 10 years to establish the anyway insufficient sanctions architecture, which was met by harsh resistance. The Iranian regime exactly knows that there will not be a rapid reinstatement once the sanctions are removed. Billions of dollars currently blocked will soon be unfrozen as a result of this deal and at the anti-Semitic regime’s disposal. This will enable the regime to sponsor its terror proxies like Hamas and Hezbollah in unprecedented ways. The terror against the Iranian population will not decrease, but increase. Already now more people have been executed under allegedly 'moderate' President Rouhani than under his predecessor Ahmadinejad."