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Friday, April 16, 2021

3 DEC Lecture „Fleeing Iran, Assad, Hezbollah, ISIS“

6 DEC Documentary & discussion at „this human world“ film festival

While the "Islamic State" gets all attention due to its brutal atrocities, politicians and media tend to ignore the Iranian regime’s policies of regional destabilization and support for Assad and Hezbollah that have caused millions of people to flee their homes.

STOP THE BOMB therefore will be holding a lecture and discussion to highlight these issues with Florian Markl (MENA) and David Kirsch (commentator) on December 3rd, at 7pm, at the University of Vienna/NIG, lecture hall III, Universitätsstrasse 7. The speakers will also discuss why people are still fleeing Iran while the regime is falsely being described as "moderate" by many in the West. Why is it important to criticize the plan to form an alliance with Assad and Iran against ISIS? And how do the nuclear deal and the Russian intervention affect all of this?

On December 6th, at 6pm, at Vienna’s Schikaneder cinema, STOP THE BOMB will be co-hosting the screening of the documentary "Those Who Said No" (dir. Nima Sarvestani) in cooperation with the international human rights film festival "this human world". The film tells the story of the Iran prison massacre in 1988, when up to 30.000 people were executed, and the international People’s Tribunal in The Hague Court of Justice in 2012 initiated by survivors and the victims’ relatives. The documentary shows that those responsible for the mass killings now serve in high ranking government positions, like Mostafa Pour-Mohammadi, who is tnow he Minister of Justice in the "moderate" government of President Hassan Rouhani. After the screening there will be a discussion on the current human rights situation in Iran with Mahsa Abdolzadeh (political scientist & author), Amir Gudarzi (author & filmmaker) und Hiwa Bahrami (Democratic Party Kurdistan-Iran).