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Friday, April 16, 2021

No red carpet for Hassan Rouhani! #RouhaniNotWelcome

Iranian regime postponed visit to Austria - Rally on day X!


The rallies announced by STOP THE BOMB in cooperation with Kurdish, Jewish, Christian, Muslim, antifascist, LGBT and student groups under the motto #RouhaniNotWelcome, which had been scheduled for 30th and 31st of March 2016 in Vienna, have been cancelled following the Iranian regime's last-minute postponement of its visit to Austria.

According to media reports, the Iranian regime demanded ahead of the visit that Austria ban our demonstrations, which was rejected by the Austrian authorities citing freedom of assembly.

As there is currently no information when the reception of the Iranian regime in Austria will take place, we are planning our demonstration for the day X.
>>> No red carpet for the Iranian regime!
>>> No deals with Holocaust deniers!

Call for a demonstration

Hassan Rouhani is not a "moderate bearer of hope" but the friendly face of terror. Under his presidency more people have been executed per year in Iran than under his predecessor Ahmadinejad. The Iranian regime is heavily investing in its military buildup and is financing anti-Semitic terrorist organizations like Hezbollah and Hamas. In Rouhani’s and Khamenei’s Iran, there are state-sponsored festivals for Holocaust denial, homosexuals are threatened by the death penalty, women are brutally oppressed and the annihilation threats against Israel are repeated all the time. In Iran's war for Syria's Assad hundreds of thousands people have already been killed. By rolling out the red carpet for the Iranian President, and by doing business with the regime of ayatollahs,  Austrian President Heinz Fischer and European companies legitimize and finance hate and agitation against Israel, homophobia and Islamist terror!
·      Solidarity with Israel – Against any form of Anti-Semitism!
·      Solidarity with the secular opposition - For a free and democratic Iran!

Supported by: STOP THE BOMB, Jewish Community Vienna, Democratic Party of Iranian Kurdistan (PDKI), CdFI – Club Friends of Israel, Social Democratic LGBT Organization SoHo, Association of Jews Persecuted by the Nazi Regime, Democratic Youth Union of Iranian Kurdistan, Kurdish Democratic Students of Rojawa (Syria), Democratic Students Union of Iranian Kurdistan, Kurdish Democratic Party of Syrian Kurdistan, Or Chadasch - Jewish-liberal Community Vienna, Initiative Liberal Muslims Austria, Christians for Israel-Austria, Austrian-Israeli Society, WIFNO – Wissenschaft für Frieden in Nahost, ZFÖ – Zionistische Föderation in Österreich, Misrachi, Bnei Akiva, Bund Sozialdemokratischer Juden-AVODA, Women's International Zionist Organization/European Council of WIZO Federations, Künstlerlnnenkollektiv monochrom, Café Critique, Karl Pfeifer (Journalist), Bagru Powi, Communist Students - Left List, Zwi Peres Chajes Loge Bnai Brith, and others