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Friday, April 16, 2021

Even children on death row in Iran - but Austrian President Fischer to roll out red carpet for Rouhani

March 30th: Rally against Austria’s courtship of the Iranian regime in Vienna #RouhaniNotWelcome

While Austrian President Heinz Fischer is rolling out the red carpet for Iran’s regime in Vienna, even  child inmates in Iranian prisons are waiting to be executed by Rouhani’s, Zarif’s and Khamenei’s regime, according to Amnesty International. In 2015, at least 1000 people were executed, which is a 20-year high according to UN Special Rapporteur Ahmed Shaheed. Dissidents, artists, intellectuals and journalists are in jail. Many Iranians are currently fleeing from the regime to Europe.

But Austrian politicians like President Fischer, Chancellor Werner Faymann, Foreign Minister Sebastian Kurz, Minister of Economy Reinhold Mitterlehner, the President of the Austrian Economic Chamber Christoph Leitl, and companies like OMV and Palfinger willingly ignore the massive human rights violations in Iran in order to get business deals worth billions with the Iranian regime back on track. In this way Austrian companies are financing the regime’s terror against the Iranian population and in the Middle East, while the very same terror is fueling the current refugee crisis.

A group of civil society organizations and intellectuals, among them STOP THE BOMB, the Democratic Party of Iranian Kurdistan, the Jewish Community of Vienna, and many others, will therefore be holding a protest rally under the motto #RouhaniNotWelcome on March 30th, 10am, at Vienna’s Heldenplatz.